Everyone should Live Their Best Life.  Are You Ready?  Recovery is Life.  Addictions are Death.  You can stop feeling this way Today.  And Start Living.  Join the Community and BE HEARD.  We support Everyone who Desires Recovery and a Better Way of Life.

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The Journey began with the first drink at age 8 and first bet at age 12.  Developed into 20 year addictions.  My Recovery Journey started at age 30.  My talents in communication and empathy lead me to turn my passion into my work, Teaching The Steps and Recovery.


Are you Tired of Being Tired? Exhausted? Feeling Miserable? Stressed? High Anxiety? Overwhelmed?

I know the feelings.  I have been there myself.  My struggles and my addictions were with gambling and alcohol.  I know I needed help but where should I go?  This is where people hesitate.  I went to 12 Step rooms.  I also went to therapy.  They worked but took too long.  Years instead of Months.  Recovery is a process but it doesn’t need to be a slow process.  I worked The Steps diligently and it took 20 months.  I was in therapy every week for seven years.  I was willing to work and did the work, yet it took too long and cost too much.  There had to be a better way and a quicker way.

I have now been in recovery for over 25 years.  I have done, said and watched many people get confused, take years to finish or not finish the Steps and to struggle with their emotions.  To me Recovery is Beautiful and everyone should understand it easily.  People like you, notice you have problem so the solution needs to be easy to comprehend and implement.  I agree.  Time and Money are always a concern with most people so they delay in seeking help.  Believing and Thinking that they can solve it alone before spending money or wasting time.  Unfortunately, you can’t do this alone and you end up delaying which causes you to waste time and money.  I tried and it didn’t work.  So many followed the same path with the same result.  They couldn’t do it alone.  We all believe our intelligence will solve it.  It doesn’t.  I now say, You can not out think an emotional issue. 

My background: I went to a Jesuit high school, got a BBA from UT at Austin and a MBA from Rice University so I should be able to figure this out.  I couldn’t.  You see, Your EQ is Your IQ.  Not the other way around.  Society, our families and the school system never taught any of us about emotional intelligence, that is why we struggle with feelings and relationships.  Life is about Feelings.  The world needs to get to know the real you.

The reason we are on this Life Journey is to Become the Hero in our Life.  Are you ready?  I believe in you. 




Let me show you how.  It involves work and it involves self awareness.  Yes, it also involves an investment in you.  You are worth it.  Tell yourself, you deserve a better life.  Tell yourself, you deserve recovery.  If you work, change happens.  I developed a System – Recovery Freedom Circle so people, professionals like you embrace your life to the fullest.  It involves a 18 week process, We Build Your Character, use the Recovery Growth Scorecard and Work The Steps.  The Steps are a Design For Living. 

Your character becomes your habits and your destiny. We develop the best version of you.  We reveal how powerful you are by addressing your strengths and finally releasing your emotional blocks.  You become free to be your real self.  You will feel heard, accepted, challenged and pushed.  The right questions will be asked to you and you will be held accountable so you grow and become rich in all areas of your life. 

We all need help.  We all need coaching.  I took my experience, my knowledge, my love for recovery and I added entertainment value to this new System which is Changing Recovery.  Saves you time.  You recover faster.  Spend a small amount of money and receive a fortune in value.  Work hard for a few weeks, reap the benefits and be limitless.  Are you in?  First book a Free 15 minute call to see if you want a better life and I am the conduit to it.


Be unapologetically you.

There is only one you, and Recovery is the blueprint to uncover and express who you really want to be deep down.

I believe The Steps and My System not only make the world a better place, but they also shape the people who experience them in beautiful ways. I love that I am able to  Help Create a New Person, a Masterpiece.