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Commercial The 12 Steps Explained Course

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Self Awareness

Welcome to Life Is Wonderful

Anyone can overcome pain and suffering by acknowledging and processing it. Become all-powerful and live your best life.

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V. Rodriguez


Hugo is phenomenal at engaging with his audience; putting aside the fact that he is a tall man with a big voice, his tone and inflexions, the choice of words, the relevance of the messages and the coherence of his presentations make it a pleasure to listen to, and he is also fully bilingual, an added feature to his skillset.  

Hugo possesses a panoply of the qualities most coveted in a speaker, most notably: a strong voice, impeccable diction, well-developed sense of humor, impressive manner, and an ability to tell an impactful story for every occasion. But perhaps his standout attribute is a razor-sharp analytical mind and hence a capacity to distill the most complex issues and present them in an easy to digest format.  Which is why the statuesque Hugo is unquestionably a very worthy speaker.

I have heard Hugo present the steps a few times.  I have been in recovery for 52 years for my gambling addiction.  I have heard this done many times and never heard anyone do it better than the way Hugo does it. 

Live Life More Contently

Embrace gratitude, honesty, and willingness in your life. 
The beginning of the new you is possible when you take the first steps.

Live By Spiritual Principles

Living by spiritual principles allows a person to live free.  Spiritual principles started at the beginning of time.


La ansiedad es real. Formas de reducir la ansiedad. Historias sobre la ansiedad. Vive en tu propósito.


La gratitud es la mayor de las virtudes. Practica la gratitud todos los días. La gratitud mejorará tu salud emocional. Apreciar a los demás. Dile a la gente que estás agradecido por ellos.

Self Awareness
Self Awareness

Life Is Wonderful believes recovery is possible for everyone. Contact Hugo V. for inquiries.

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