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Recovery Freedom Circle

The System Changing Recovery

The System
Recovery Freedom Circle

Recovery Freedom Circle strives to answer the perplexing questions, What is Recovery? and Why is Recovery/Steps so hard to start and finish for most everyone?


Watching the miracles and the train wrecks over 25 years, I know everyone wants to control their own life.  The biggies - to be successful in love/sex, health and money with a connection to a Higher Power/God.  Yet the addict and many people fall short.  Everyone that walks into 12 Step rooms, including myself, had low, very low self esteem with a weak understanding of their emotions.  This is where we need to begin recovery, with self esteem.  The problems then become, how to start and who to trust.  That is why people hesitate and more slowly in Recovery.  Recovery needs to be simplified with more structure.  The way business projects run, start date and end date.  Recovery needs to be treated as a Business with a supply chain, strategy and culture.  Every successful business has their unique culture, a strategy to get customers and paying close attention to their supply chain.  The same concepts can be applied to Recovery.  A person has to accept the culture of Recovery, the Fellowship/Community and the new way of life.  This can be difficult at first, that is why the System points out that Step One is the understanding and accepting that the addiction lies to you.  Your addiction is holding you back.  No one else.  You may love your addiction but it doesn’t love you.  Accept that your life is changing for the better.  Week One has a person look at their Honesty.  Without Honesty, you can never live Your Best Life.  There is no peace in your heart.  The foundation of the System and Recovery starts with Honesty and answering the 3 questions on Honesty and working on Step One – We Believed a Lie (that your addiction lied to you) and working on the 3 questions for Step One.  Both are given Freely.  To build trust in the System.  We believe that everyone deserves the Foundation of Recovery.  Everyone can recover, including you.

Using Metrics to Detox and Heal

Twelve Step Rooms and Treatment Centers have pushed the original 12 Steps with limited success.  Only 8-10% finish the Steps and get Recovery.  Personally, I love the Steps and that is why I see the beauty, along with the limitations and obstacles produced by them.  There has to be an easier way for people.  Through trial and error and some early customers, the Recovery Freedom Circle answers all the necessary questions a person needs so they get Recovery.  The System takes 18 weeks and we will answer 72 questions.  That is the strategy.  The questions push a person to see themselves (their character) and answer emotional topics/issues which we were never taught.  Each week, a person watches a video on The 12 Steps Explained or on two Character Traits.  You will see the syllabus below, you can not access the videos all at once.  It is a Drip System, one video per week. 

The final piece is accountability.  A person needs everyday contact to overcome an addiction.  You get 10 Coaching sessions, 45 minutes each, plus everyday, you receive a video or text/email to stay accountable and on track.  Unconditional Love and Tough Love, you will get both from the System.  That is how a person grows.  Love and Support with Honest Feedback on how to do better.  This is the part of the supply chain that separates the Recovery Freedom Circle from 12 Step rooms and therapy.  The rooms don’t push a person to work.  Therapy is once a week, maybe two, then nothing for the other days.  Treatment centers keep people clean for 21 or 28 or 40 days, then the real world.  They encourage a person to follow an outpatient treatment plan.  Again no one pushing the person everyday and that is why people struggle or relapse.  The first 90 days are crucial.  Addiction is death and Recovery is life.  The Recovery Freedom Circle is here to fight for your health and life. 

Recovery Freedom Circle works, by allowing a person to craft their schedule with activities that produce natural hormones, Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphins and Oxytocin.  All these hormones are needed for Recovery.  Everyone has been given the Recovery Growth Scorecard.  The beauty of the Free Recovery Growth Scorecard, it empowers someone to be the architect of their life in a healthy way.  The scorecard is worked before, during and after the 18 weeks.  The secret to success and wealth.  Get Rich in all areas.

The System address the character of a person.  A person’s character is their destiny.  We build up the character with Strong Character = Strong Leader Blueprint.  As you work on your character, you are working the Steps, the unique and innovative Steps, called The 12 Steps Explained.  As you glance below, you see how the 18 weeks are structured. 




Recovery Freedom Circle

Week One –  Honesty and Hope



1) Do you live your truth?  Are you truthful to yourself by living your life?

2) Are you truthful with others?  Do others truly know you?

3) Do you understand how a truthful life leads to a peaceful life? Explain.

Week One –  Step 1 -  We Believed a Lie

1) What do you want to do with your life? Type of relationship, career, lifestyle. Write down your Goals/Dreams.

2) What type of self talk do you tell yourself?  Is it positive?  What do you tell your subconscious mind?

3) Life depends on structure/discipline/consistency.  Talk about the structures and habits in your life?  What is your daily/weekly schedule?

We start on Week One with two videos, so a person immediately works on Honesty and Goals. 

Week Three –  Faith and Courage 

Week Four – Integrity and Willingness 

Week Five –  Step 2 – We Need Help

Week Six –  Step 3 – We Are No Longer Alone

Week Seven – Discipline and Perseverance

Week Eight –  Step 6 – Build Character

Week Nine – Humility and Brotherly Love 

Week Ten –  Step 4 – Clean House

Week Eleven – Step 5 – You Tell the World, I Am a Human Being

Week Twelve – Step 7 – The Turning Point

Week Thirteen – Step 8 – We Stole Time

Week Fourteen – Step 9 – Self-Respect

Week Fifteen – Step 10 – Did I Help Another Person Today?

Week Sixteen – Step 11 – Gratitude and Appreciation

Week Seventeen – Awareness of God and Service

Week Eighteen - Step 12 – Faith, Hope and Love

This System, Recovery Freedom Circle, enables a person to recover faster, build their character and gain emotional intelligence.  The necessary foundation for lasting recovery and opening up the road to the New You.  Allowing a person to live their best life.

My research and experience over 25 years has led me, Hugo V, to the development of this System, that is changing Recovery.  Some early adopters have also helped make the System stronger so you can understand and grow in Recovery.

Life Is Wonderful.Love shares the first Character Trait – Honesty and the first Step in The 12 Steps Explained – We Believed a Lie, for Free, which allows people to test drive the System before they invest a small amount of money to receive great wealth in value.

Your EQ is Your IQ.  You Can not Out Think an Emotional Issue.

Are You Ready to Recover, Bring Out the Real You and Start to Live Your Best Life?

Come Join the Recovery Freedom Circle

US$ 2,000 (4 easy payments of $500) or $1,800 (Save $200 with one time payment)

Online Course

Strong Character = Strong Leader Blueprint

Better Relationships, Better Jobs, and a Better You

Strong Character Will Allow You to Live Your Best Life as You Will Have the Foundation for Life.  You Become the Person, You were Meant to Be.  You Get Strong Character by Living by Principles and Traits.  These 12 Principles/Traits are the Proven Foundation for a Well Rounded Person.

​People Follow People with Character.  People are Attracted to People with Character.  Money Follows Character.  Leaders Are Built From Character.  Character is Built From Principles.  Build Yourself into The Best Version of You by Incorporating a Way of Life Designed to Get The Greatness Out of You.  Become Powerful and Rich.


The Course lists the 12 Foundational Principles/Traits and asks 3 Questions to each Character Trait.  Everything starts with Honesty.  I gift the first Character Trait to you so you get a feel of the Course.  Answer these three questions to start building your core.  The real You.


  1. Do you Live Your Truth?  Are You Truthful to Yourself by Living Your Life?

  2. Are You Truthful with Others?  Do Others Truly Know You?

  3. Do You Understand How a Truthful Life Leads to a Peaceful Life? Explain

The remaining Principles will Develop the Limitless, Powerful, Rich You​

Course Price: US$ 84 

Anchor 1


The 12 Steps Explained 

Ivan wants to feel more peaceful yet Ivan unsure how to live contently.  An inner quest begins.  Ivan walks into Dr. David’s office because Ivan seeks emotional teaching.  Ivan also meets Tom in 12 Step rooms which leads to sponsorship and The 12 Steps Explained.  Tom rewrote the 12 Steps of Recovery so more people get recovery, therapy and emotional intelligence.  Ivan goes on a journey with The 12 Steps Explained. 

Understand the Miracle of Recovery.  You too, are a Miracle!!


Release Date in December

Life Is Wonderful

Ivan talks about seven life topics.  Ivan discusses Gratitude, Anxiety, Emotional Intelligence, Depression, Suicide, Spirituality, and Contentment.  To help everyone understand these complex feelings and thoughts. 

Release Date   Coming Soon

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Hear Success Stories

Self Awareness
Self Awareness

Life Is Wonderful believes recovery is possible for everyone. Contact Hugo V. for inquiries.

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