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Recovery, Healing and Living


Online Course

The 12 Steps Explained

Do You Want to Live Your Best Life? Do You Want to Stop Wasting Time?

Do You Want to Live Your Best Life?

The 12 Steps Explained course guides you through a process of emotional and spiritual awareness where you understand yourself better, understand recovery, begin the healing process so you can change yourself into your best self.  Start living the life of your dreams.  You deserve it.

The course asks you three questions per Step.  These 36 questions include a detailed explanation on how each question uncovers your true essence, your true self and teaches you more emotional intelligence.  The awareness allows you to implement your plan so you live your best life.  

  • You will hear the experience and expertise

  • You will be entertained and have fun

  • You will learn and have a plan 

          US$ 555.00         

555 means Change Is Coming, Buy Today and Make the Necessary Changes in Your Life


Strong Character = Strong Leader Blueprint

Better Relationships, Better Jobs, and a Better You

Strong Character Will Allow You to Live Your Best Life as You Will Have the Foundation for Life.  You Get Strong Character By Living By Principles and Traits.  These 12 Principles/Traits are the Proven Foundation for a Person.

​People Follow People with Character.  People are Attracted to People with Character.  Leaders Are Built From Character.  Character is Built From Principles.  Build Yourself into Your Best You by Incorporating a Way of Life Designed to Get The Best Out of You.

Course Price: US$ 84

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The 12 Steps Explained 

Ivan wants to feel more peaceful yet Ivan unsure how to live contently.  An inner quest begins.  Ivan walks into Dr. David’s office because Ivan seeks emotional teaching.  Ivan also meets Tom in 12 Step rooms which leads to sponsorship and The 12 Steps Explained.  Tom rewrote the 12 Steps of Recovery so more people get recovery, therapy and emotional intelligence.  Ivan goes on a journey with The 12 Steps Explained. 

Understand the Miracle of Recovery.  You too, are a Miracle!!


Release Date in December

Life Is Wonderful

Ivan talks about seven life topics.  Ivan discusses Gratitude, Anxiety, Emotional Intelligence, Depression, Suicide, Spirituality, and Contentment.  To help everyone understand these complex feelings and thoughts. 

Release Date   Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

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Hear Success Stories

Self Awareness
Self Awareness

Life Is Wonderful believes recovery is possible for everyone.

Contact Hugo V. for inquiries.

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