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Recovery Freedom Circle

The System Changing Recovery

Empowering People Through Self-Awareness

About Life Is Wonderful

 Life Is Wonderful.Love founded by Hugo Vrsalovic, has changed Recovery and Mental Health with an unique system that allows a person to recover in 5 months using the Recovery Growth Scorecard, after two weeks adding the Six Week Strong Character = Strong Leader Blueprint to address and improve your Character and the final piece being the innovative 90 Day 12 Steps Road to Freedom, taking a person on the self discovery journey with themselves and working all 12 Steps of Recovery.  This system helps anyone dealing with addictions, anxiety, trauma, The Steps and wants Healing and Recovery.


 Corporations need Leaders, the Six Week Strong Character = Strong Leader Blueprint trains executives, managers and upcoming stars into the Leader, Person and Employee that will improve the bottom line and engage with fellow peers and customers.  Every Corporation prides itself on human development and bringing out the best of each employee.  It all begins with Character.  Character defines the Person.


 Children are our Future.  Discovery My Feelings Course and Dance, introduces Children and Parents into the world of Emotional Intelligence.  The best muscle a child can develop is their understanding of their emotions.  Teaching kids about emotions in a fun and interactive way helps each child and society. 


Life Is Wonderful.Love has teamed up with Elevan11 Foundation, a Foundation that helps children with their grief and life goals after the death of a parent or both their parents.  Every child needs guidance through life and together, both organizations are helping each child deal with the trauma of losing a parent and how to move forward.  Elevan11 Foundation is based in Philadelphia, PA.     


 Hugo provides motivational speaking and training for schools, corporations, and recovery centers. Hugo V. topics include recovery/addiction, mental health, emotional intelligence, leadership and sales.  Our goal is to empower people through Self Awareness and Self Love.

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Meet Hugo Vrsalovic

Self Awareness

Hugo Vrsalovic is the founder of Life Is Wonderful. Hugo V. has met difficult challenges in his life that allows him to relate to people who are dealing with similar struggles. With over 20 years in recovery from gambling and alcohol along with being in therapy for 7 years, he truly believes that 12 Step meetings, therapy, and retreats work. 

Hugo V. is the son of immigrant parents and is fluent in Spanish. His family history is of Bolivian and Croatian background. Hugo V. has graduated with an MBA from Rice University, BBA from The University of Texas at Austin, and graduated from Strake Jesuit College Preparatory. He is a DTM Toastmaster.

"If you do the work, you can live the life you want." 


La ansiedad es real. Formas de reducir la ansiedad. Historias sobre la ansiedad. Vive en tu propósito.


La gratitud es la mayor de las virtudes. Practica la gratitud todos los días. La gratitud mejorará tu salud emocional. Apreciar a los demás. Dile a la gente que estás agradecido por ellos.

Self Awareness
Self Awareness

Life Is Wonderful believes recovery is possible for everyone. Contact Hugo V. for inquiries.

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