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Recovery Freedom Circle

The System Changing Recovery

Transform Your Life By Following The 12 Steps

How Your Life Can Be Wonderful

An overview about how you can find your inner light and peace. A series about addiction, recovery, and living.

The 12 Steps Explained

The 12 Steps explained so you can find your inner light and power.

Life Can Be Wonderful, 12 Steps
Vide Resume, Alcohol, Ansiedad

Video Resume

Through humor, personal experiences, and scientific knowledge, Hugo V. is able to connect with people and make an impact.


Alcohol is a muse. People drink and celebrate, people drink and
bad consequences happen. People start drinking too young. Alcohol has been
around 9,000 years. Understand alcohol.


La ansiedad es real. Formas de reducir la ansiedad. Historias sobre la ansiedad. Vive en tu propósito.


How to deal with anxiety and lower the levels. Anxiety - symptoms, disorders and stories.

Awareness of God

Awareness of God - God is everywhere. God is love. Live free and find your Higher Power. Life becomes easier when you believe.

Black is Beautiful

Racism lies in our subconscious. Change our subconscious. Use introspection to evaluate our own views on race. How the church, art, books and movies brainwashed our thinking on the black race. Black is so Beautiful.

Anxiety, Awareness of God, Black is Beautiful

Brotherly Love

Fellowship is the heart of life. Ubuntu - I am because you are. Humanity towards others. I have your back, you have my back.

Colors and Causes

Each color represents a cause or support group. Support your cause.


The secret of life. The ultimate emotion. How to be content?

Brotherly Love, Colors and Causes, Contentment


Emotional courage is the toughest kind of courage. Own your story. Let
people know you.


The different chemicals in the brain fight off depression. How to overcome depression. See what enters your body, your mind, your food, your spirit, and your people.


Discipline is focus. Doing something until you master it. You get up and
work the goal and you continue to stay after it.

Courage, Depression, Discipline


Drugs have been in existence for thousands of years. The history of Drugs – Cocaine, Heroin, and Marijuana. The War on Drugs in America. What are the withdrawals from Drugs? How should families and the government approach the legalization and classification of all Drugs?


The secret of life. Vulnerability will allow you to live your best life. Intimate relationships. Intimate friendships.


Faith in God is healthy. Faith in yourself lets you live your best life. Faith defeats fear every time. Faith and Work is the formula.

Drugs,Emotions, Faith


Family - Family love us, family rejects us. The roller coaster of emotions. We all need to know our identity. Create family for you. We all crave home.


The Power of Food to Keep Us Healthy and Strong.  Improve your Immune System and Sex Life.  Stay away from Dangerous Foods.


History of Gambling. Gambling phases for the gambler and the family. Good Gambling. What drives a Compulsive Gambler.

Family, Food, Gambling


How gratitude changes your love and outlook on life. Recognizing your gifts and people in your life. How to live gratefully.


La gratitud es la mayor de las virtudes. Practica la gratitud todos los días. La gratitud mejorará tu salud emocional. Apreciar a los demás. Dile a la gente que estás agradecido por ellos.


Rigorous Honesty sets you free. Complete honesty is the only way to live. Be vulnerable with yourself.

Gratitude, Gratitud, Honesty


Hope is where it all starts. Hope is the bridge between faith and love. Hope changes your world.


The most misunderstood principle. Live your life without saying anything. Be humble. The greatest principle.


Integrity describes how each person lives. The value system. What is your
personal mission statement?

Hope, Humility, Integrity

La Vida es Maravillosa

Necesitas vivir su vida. Necesitas saber quien eres? Tienes el poder.
Tienes la fuerza para cambiar su vida. El vaso siempre esta medio lleno.

Los Pasos

Los Pasos de Recuperacion -  Los Pasos de Recuperacion en una nueva via. The 12 Steps Explained es nuevo libro/curso para mejorar y ayudar a gente entender Los Pasos. Asi, cada persona puede vivir su mejor vida. Cada persona puede sentir contento. Recuperacion es para todos. Una manera de curarse. 


Get up after you get knocked down.  Nothing takes the place of persistence.
Everyone struggles, just keep going.

La Vida es Maravillosa, Los Pasos, Perseverance

Prescription Drugs / Synthetics

Synthetic Drugs have been in existence for years. The history of Prescription Drugs/Synthetics.  What are the withdrawals from Synthetic Drugs? How should families and the government approach the classification of all Drugs?


Service work helps us get outside of ourselves. Focusing on
others is healthy for the soul. Builds our empathetic self. We get
connected to the human race. 


Sex/Intimacy - How to have Great Sex? What is Intimacy? How do you get a
Healthy Relationship? Pleasure and Work are necessary ingredients in a
healthy relationship.


The secret of life. Vulnerability will allow you to live your best life. Intimate relationships. Intimate friendships.


With Desire great things are accomplished. Life is fulfilling when you have a purpose. Find yours, everyone has one.


The importance of Belief. Spirituality versus Religion. Seeing God/Higher Power in the sky and nature. The power of prayer. A spiritual foundation leads to a content life.


Suicide, Suicidal Thoughts, Suicide Ideation, suicide attempts are too real for our world. We need to talk about the subject of suicide. Life is worth living.  Suicide does not end pain, it only transfers pain. You are loved, feel it.


With Desire great things are accomplished. Life is fulfilling when you have a purpose. Find yours, everyone has one.

Prescription Drugs/Synthetics, Service, Sex
Spirituality, Suicide, Willingness

George Floyd Memorial Interview

George Floyd
Self Awareness
Self Awareness

Life Is Wonderful believes recovery is possible for everyone.

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