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The 12 Steps Explained

Life Is Wonderful

Building Strong Character, Building Leaders

A talk designed to excite people about The 12 Steps of Recovery.  Embracing a new life by understanding the nuances of recovery.  The 12 Steps Explained is a new format. The 12 Steps Explained, rewrites The Steps in a way that makes sense to everyone and allows people to be enthusiastic about this new emotional and spiritual journey that will change their life for the better.

  1. Making The Steps easier to understand

  2. Connecting Emotional Intelligence with the Emotional Disease of addictions.

  3. Showing our Brains in Recovery vs Addiction and How to Rewire our Brains

A talk for students either in middle school, high school or college to help them understand themselves better by talking about emotions such as gratitude and contentment and also anxiety and depression.  Having lived as a shut down child and adult to being completely emotionally available, Hugo shares on both sides of the emotional spectrum so students can be put on a direction to live their best life and to be in the moment.

  1. How these basic emotions/topics relate to students and growing up.

  2. Friendships and Relationships are the foundation of living the Best Life. How to be a friend? 

  3. The difference between Being in the Moment and wanting to Escape.

Leaders and Sales Professionals need Strong Character so they can achieve ultimate success at work and in life. Be most Productive. Strong character dictates who they are and how they relate to others. People follow Leaders with strong character, Salespeople produce more when they exhibit strong character, and the company profits within their culture and bottom line by having employees with strong character.

  1. Learning the most important Character Traits that everyone needs to display daily

  2. Strong Character will Increase Sales and Productivity, help deal with Rejection, Improve Resiliency with Improves Company Culture.

  3. Showcasing the connection between Strong Character and Strong Leadership.

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Self Awareness
Self Awareness

Life Is Wonderful believes recovery is possible for everyone. Contact Hugo V. for inquiries.

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